An Ecosystem Rooted in Intelligence

We bring together everything that the most ambitious crypto investors and teams need to make critical decisions. Use data that no one else, however you like, on one single platform.

Arbus Terminal

The central hub of the Arbus ecosystem embodying all main pillars and features

Tool Suite

Four advanced data-driven research tools for different platforms and use cases

Venture DAO & AI Incubator

The smartest Venture DAO in the space backing the AI Incubator to accelerate new AI ventures

Economic Framework

An economy fueled by $ARBUS, designed for practical token utilities and stakeholder incentives

Arbus Terminal is the hub of the ecosystem, offering all crypto research features including the AI Assistant, alongside the Venture DAO and AI Incubator. Everything you need in one place.


Arbus Tool Suite consists of four advanced data-driven research tools: Arbus Terminal, Browser Extension, Mobile App, and Alerts TG Bot. No matter the platform, the tool suite has you covered.

Become a member of Arbus Venture DAO, where you can influence the ecosystem's future and seize the opportunity to be an early investor in promising AI projects through the AI Incubator.

Arbus Token is your key to unlock a world of opportunities within the ecosystem. Hold and stake to access premium features, benefits, and incentives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Arbus is an ecosystem designed to provide value for every actor in the crypto world, including traders, investors, content creators, researchers, alpha hunters, projects, and venture capitalists. It's centered around AI-powered, data-driven research, aiming to democratize access to intelligence and enable smarter investments for all.

Arbus Tool Suite consists of four tools built for different use cases: Arbus Terminal, Browser Extension, Mobile App, and Alerts TG Bot. These tools cover a wide range of crypto research, including educational content, market and project-related insights, trending projects, early-stage project discovery, project updates, and token launch events. Using the Arbus Tool Suite, investors can access top-level intelligence with simplicity, getting an edge over even the most connected actors in the space.

Arbus Venture DAO is the collective governance body within the ecosystem that allows stakers to influence the platform's direction and fundraising decisions. Through democratic processes, every staker gets a say in key decisions, fostering inclusivity and transparency. Members also gain access to premium features along with various other benefits, ensuring they have a stake in the ecosystem's success.

Arbus AI Incubator focuses on accelerating AI-centric projects within the Web3 space. It provides funding and marketing resources to help partner projects achieve their full potential. Unlike traditional launchpads, the AI Incubator aims to connect the Arbus community and projects at an early stage, facilitating small and selective raises for mutual growth.

Arbus Tokens serve as the gateway to a complete ecosystem experience. Holding and staking $ARBUS grant access to premium features within the tool suite, voting power in the Venture DAO, right to participate in fundraising events of the AI Incubator, as well as airdrops and other benefits from partner projects.